Where I've Worked and What I've Done

Writer of Tech/Culture/Future pieces. Founder of The Annotation. I'm good at building static sites, startup advice, and other fun things.

Engagement Marketing at American Greetings

Create digital content for AG brand, platform and innovation pitch designer, asset creation and display, explore acquiring customers on new platforms, explore innovation in industry.

Innovation Lead, Website and App Manager at KentWired.com

Created and managed databases, project roadmaps, and managed team to grow readership, readability, and newsroom productivity. Managed article circulation, article production, website design, and content distribution. Co-managed social media (twitter/facebook) and multi-platform mobile apps.

Toot'n The Horn While Banging The Keys... Music... Stuff

I play four music instruments (piano, saxophone, marimba, assorted percussion...) and traveled across the United States in a competitive Marching band and Indoor Drumline. While in Band I helped win numerous awards for my groups and won best percussion at Ohio State University while leading the front ensemble.

Want To See More?

You can view a constant stream of updates on my life through my Twitter, or by checking out my resume below.