From a young age I've always been fascinated with science and science fiction. I've always been hookedo onto the idea of a better future in which everyone can be anything they truely want to be--in part do to the impossible to imagine techology of said time. From my fist computer program writen in basic to designing multiple website, I'm always striving to have my finger on the beat of technology, science, and the future.

The Annotation

Created in August of 2016, The Annotation covered local news at Kent State University and gave a voice to various student journalists and helped foster leadership skills to select editors. The Annotation was featured by Entreprenure's Handbook and by Kent State University's JMC internal publication.

Need A Beta Tester?

Need A Beta Tester started as a joke meant to open myself to networking opportunities. Instead, it ended up becoming the most popular product on Product Hunt for a limited time and attracted dozens of creators looking for advice and feeback. I'm currently considering investing in a sequel.

A Memo

This site is under constant construction and at certain points will contain unfinished parts by design and practice. I encourage you to reach out to me through email or through the form provided below.